N.S.Eatery (otherwise known as NorthSouth Eatery) is slowly becoming a favourite of ours, not only because it is a 10 minute walk across the bridge, but the food is really yummy too!

I was first made aware of their existence thanks to Melbourne Gastronome, but it took a few weeks before we actually had a chance to make it down there and give it a go. The first night  I had the carbonara and I have been hooked ever since. I rate it as the best I’ve ever had. The pasta had a beautiful garlic/parsley taste and was topped with a slow poached egg, crisp prosciutto and parmesan. To die for!

We’ve now been a handful of times and the food and service have always been great. Other things that we’ve tried and really enjoyed include the gnocchi, blue eye, watermelon, olive and feta salad, caprese salad and the squid ink risotto (which was a special BTW). I even tried the risotto which is big for me given I don’t eat seafood and it was quite nice. Just not sure I could eat a whole plate of it, but D enjoyed it.

Dessert wise we’ve tried the panacotta, apple crumble and chocolate pot, all of which have been great.

We eventually made it down there for breakfast with friends and while the 3 of them thoroughly enjoyed the well-known salmon pastrami, I was content with scrambled eggs and bacon.

I think one of the reasons we enjoy the food there so much is that the food is cooked simply and beautifully, whilst also being presented very well.

We’re heading back next weekend for an 8 course breakfast degustation – can’t wait 🙂

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or just head down to the restaurant. They do have a website, but there isn’t much on there – i’d at least like to see a menu on there, but it looks like Facebook and Twitter is the way to go these days!

N.S. Eatery
760 Chapel St
South Yarra, Vic, 3141

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