A cupcake bonanza

I was lucky enough to score an invite to the launch of Sugadeaux Cupcakes‘ new flavours last night at N.S.Eatery. If you’ve never heard of Sugadeaux before, listen closely, ’cause when it comes to cupcakes, they got it goin’ on! Considering I’ve just come back from the US where I had some god awful cupcakes that tasted like raw flour, these cupcakes are AWESOME.

D came along with me and we were treated to mini versions of the new flavours which will be available in their larger form a bit later in the month – but I will get to that.


Vanilla custard flavoured cake with sprinkles inside the cake, topped with creamy vanilla frosting and a white chocolate freckle. This one was very sweet – I love vanilla and white chocolate so I enjoyed it, but D not so much – his teeth aren’t as sweet as mine!

Green Tea

Green tea cake with matcha green tea frosting, finished with a black sesame sprinkle. The flavour of this one was really strong but neither of us really liked it – not because it was bad, but just not to our tastes … probably wasn’t sweet enough for me!

Blueberry Pie

Moist vanilla cake topped with a swirl of real blueberry frosting, finished with pie crust crumbs. Surprisingly, this was my favourite of the night. Blueberries aren’t usually my fruit of choice, but this was lovely and refreshing. So much so that at the end of the night I managed to sneak in an extra one!


Vanilla cake filled with strawberry jam and topped with a swirl of creamy peanut butter frosting. We both really enjoyed this one but thought the jam inside was a bit light on – I suspect it was their small form that prevented them having too much. Gee they’re pretty though.

Choc Pretzel

Dark and milk Spanish-chocolate-dipped salted pretzels (made exclusively for Sugadeaux by a chocolate factory in Kew) sit atop salted vanilla frosting and a chocolate cake base. Again, we both really enjoyed this one – D rates it as his favourite of the night. I really liked the salted pretzel – who’d have thunk it!

(Apologies for some of the crappy photos – I had a bit of a camera meltdown as the night started so had to resort to the iPhone for some of them)

So, by now I’m sure you’re jealous, salivating and wondering how you can get your hands on these cupcakes? Well, Sugadeaux have a sample pack of all five flavours available on Thursday 21 April for $20 – more information is available on their website. The sample packs are a regular occurence so make sure you join the mailing list to stay informed of the flavours on offer – I’ve ordered the sample packs a couple of times and have never been disappointed. If anything, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at liking flavours I didn’t think I would, such as Lychee Jasmine (pictured bottom left).

There is no storefront, but the cupcakes are also available at N.S.Eatery and Amsterdam St. Cafe for those around the Richmond/South Yarra area – be sure to follow Sugadeaux on Twitter or Facebook to find out what flavours are in and when. I’m still hanging for my chance to try a salted caramel one (I’m also still trying to find an excuse to order a dozen of them …).


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