Golden Fields

As I was taking photos over dinner at Golden Fields last weekend, D commented that I keep taking photos but they never find their way into blog posts. Looking through the photos on my camera, it’s very true. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Sigh.

So, here I am sitting at the hairdressers waiting for my colour to develop while I write this. How’s that for multi-tasking! Anyways, I digress. Golden Fields.

N and A had messaged us the day before to see if we wanted to do dinner and, given it was relatively last minute, I suggested we try Golden Fields as they don’t take bookings (unless you’ve got 8-14 people).

We arrived about 6.30 on Saturday and were lucky enough to secure one of the last remaining tables – by 6.40 the place was packed. Get there early people! I was very happy to see Andrew McConnell in the kitchen – I like it when chefs cook in their own restaurants.

The menu has an Asian focus and the waitress advised us that it is designed for sharing. As I’m not a fan of seafood, we swayed heavily towards the meat side of things. We ended up ordering the sea urchin (just one because A wanted to try it), the twice-cooked duck (we asked for four servings rather than three), the pork dumplings, three lobster rolls, the suckling pig, the lamb shoulder and the watercress and chrysanthemum leaf salad. The suckling pig dish was a special and was a smaller serve, not a whole suckling pig. As I said to the waitress, she had me at suckling pig.

We were told to order everything and the kitchen would send out the dishes in an order they felt they were appropriate.

First to come out pretty quickly was the sea urchin. A and D ended up splitting it and D said it was weird but good. It had a strong fishy taste, a nice texture and, for his first experience of sea urchin, he enjoyed it.

And for the next 45-50 minutes, that was all that came out. Then, out of nowhere, there was almost a food explosion on the table. The lobster rolls, pork dumplings and duck came out together.

This was followed shortly by the suckling pig and lamb shoulder. Sadly, the watercress and chrysanthemum salad was nowhere to be seen and never arrived.

All I can say about the food is that it was sensational. I can’t fault any of it. The meats were juicy and tender and the sauces that came with them were the perfect accompaniment.

I didn’t have a lobster roll, but the others all enjoyed theirs. D said it had a good balance of texture and flavour and the mayo was nice and creamy.

The suckling pig was melt in your mouth goodness, and crunchy in all the right places.

The duck and the lamb came away from the bone effortlessly, much to the delight of everyone. The four of us had previously shared the lamb at Cumulus Inc. so we had high hopes and it didn’t disappoint. Before we even tried it we could tell it was going to be amazing.

We all really enjoyed the food and a few days later I am still struggling to decide on a favourite dish. Guess we’ll have to head back shortly for round two!

For dessert I had the peanut butter parfait with salted caramel, D had the chocolate and ginger tablette and N and A shared the bowl of longans.

The parfait was a small-ish serve (especially in comparison to the tablette), but it was beautifully rich and creamy – the perfect way to finish off a great meal.

D enjoyed the tablette, including the refreshing frozen yoghurt on the side. It really was much better than the crappy photo makes it out to be!

Well all had fun peeling the longans 😀

Overall, despite the few small service issues, we had a great time, LOVED the food and can’t wait to go back for more.

Golden Fields
157 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda

You can also follow them on Twitter.

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